Bluestone Patio on Three Levels, Weston CT

The client had an elevated old rotting deck on the back of their house that needed to be replaced. The deck rested on a beautiful ledge, situated near the top of the treeline. A multi-storied tree house I once built as a child gave me the inspiration for a three level bluestone patio. We built curved steps into the ledge from the drive to the first level of the patio (the sunbathing area). A couple steps down to the second level provided space for an outdoor kitchen and bar with adequate space for cocktail hour. A few steps up to the third level, a tree top dining area sitting high above the valley below commanding magnificent views of the surrounding hardwoods. We built the retaining walls from stone found on the property which blends nicely with the ledge rock. This special project was featured on CNNfn television.

Location: Weston, CT – 06883

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