Irrigation Systems


Having an irrigation system is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy looking garden. Whether you are looking to create an optimal environment for your lawn or flowerbeds to thrive or you are looking to preserve that stunning garden landscape you have worked so hard to achieve, implementing an effective irrigation system is a must.

How does Irrigation Work?

A successful irrigation system takes many factors into account and combines several pieces of equipment into a unified system to control the flow of water around your garden. When planning and designing your customized system, we take a multitude of variables into account, including your plant material, location, soil type, water supply and budget, ensuring there are no unexpected surprises along the way.

Custom Designed Irrigation Systems

For over a decade, Classic Garden Design has been providing sprinkler, drip and rain harvest irrigation systems to clients with very diverse requirements. Our experience in landscape design and engineering allows us to provide you with the very best solution to your tree, shrub, plants and lawn needs.

Survey, Plan, Implementation

Start things off with a survey meeting, at which we will evaluate your garden, all the relevant variables and what you are hoping to achieve. We’ll then create a detailed plan for addressing your irrigation needs, along with a quote and timescale for completion. Then, once you are completely satisfied with the plan, the implementation phase will roll out.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your irrigation needs in Connecticut and the surrounding area.