Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens: The New Trend Sweeping the Nation

Just picture it – you’ve invited some of your closest friends round for an evening of relaxation in your beautifully designed garden. Before there is even a murmur of hunger from one of your guests, you have ignited your wood-fired pizza oven in preparation. You pull out some freshly made dough from the fridge, dust your working surface with flour and go on to prepare some authentic Italian pizzas. Is there a better way to enjoy a bite to eat in your garden?

Fine cuisine with entertainment

Not only will your guests be able to indulge on some fresh and crispy pizza, straight out of the oven, they’ll also enjoy a memorable experience in the process. From watching the wood-fired oven reaching a sizzling heat to topping the tasty pizzas with some freshly picked leaves of basil from your herb garden, you can be sure that your guests won’t be forgetting your party in a hurry!

For more than just pizzas

The intense heat provided by wood-fired ovens makes them ideal for cooking a huge variety of different food items. As well as being able to prepare a delicious pizza in a few quick minutes, you can also use your oven for cooking bread, meat, fish, vegetables and others things! Given the variety of uses which outdoor pizza ovens allow, many people are even choosing them as an alternative to barbeques.

Now in the public eye

Thanks to their surging public exposure, designers of outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens have been experiencing much success in recent years. Chef Jamie Oliver used one of his pizza ovens in his recent television series, which has had significant positive implications on their demand. The celebrity chef summed it up perfectly on his website – “I’ve done a lot of cooking in it. I think it’s got fashionable because it’s outside, it’s sociable, and food tastes better in it”.

Jamie Oliver is not the only celebrity to publicly express their love of their pizza oven. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently installed a custom wood-fired pizza oven in her London garden. “I’m using the oven a lot – you can cook anything in there, it’s amazing”. More interestingly, when movie director Guy Ritchie was recently interviewed about his divorce from Madonna, all he wanted to speak about was his favourite wood-fired oven!

Wood-fired pizza oven design and installation

With more and more people jumping on the outdoor wood-fired oven bandwagon every day, there are little signs that this trend will stop. Why not start thinking about how you could integrate a wood-fired oven into your own garden? Get in touch with us for a chat and we’ll walk you through the process. You could be enjoying your very own wood-fired pizza party in no time!